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Sports coaching

At the Écurie du Louvarel, Daniel Roussé, a state-qualified instructor, offers you several levels of sports supervision, from individual owner lessons to coaching in show jumping competition, via galloping training courses. 1 to Gallop 7, with or without your own horse.

Riding lessons

Instructor for more than 30 years, Daniel brings you personalized coaching

  • Individual lesson, with or without your on horse

  • Group lessons Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning, within the limit of 6 riders per session.



An exam day takes place from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. At noon, the trainees plan and share a meal from the bag, in the designated areas.

For internships with an exam, the session takes place over 5 days, from Monday to Friday.

It is possible to participate in the various courses per half-day.

We can board your horse for the duration of the course. For the accommodation of the riders, we will send you the addresses of the gîtes, campsites and hotels nearby.


Outings in competition

We inform you at:

To know more

To know more

For riders who so wish, the organization of the stable makes it possible to accompany riders in competitions and:

  • to favor weekends for outings in CSO,

  • to organize the coaching as close as possible to the competition calendar, up to the National Championships,

  • to ensure the transport of horses,

and thus install all the favorable conditions for the success of the competition season for riders.


Children's lessons from 6 years old

The Ecurie du Louvarel welcomes children on ponies from 6 years old. This is Isabelle Roussé, equestrian instructor,  who supervises them and makes them progress gently in their practice of horse riding.

Isabelle also welcomes children in private lessons, at an individualized pace, for the discovery of the animal and the building of self-confidence.

From the age of 10, budding riders can then go on horseback.


Further information

We inform you at:

06 87 06 25 87

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